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[An elderly woman with grey hair, who has an expression like she might gnaw on glass for an appetizer or shoot laser beams from her eyes or snort fire from her nose dragon-like, appears on the screen.]

So this is where my no-good layabout of a nephew has got himself to. Let me tell you right now that the last thing he needs are more wastrel friends and gold-digging floozies encouraging his bad habits. He must return home at once, at once I say, and settle down with a proper girl who will mould him into a respectable member of society.

If he comes back married to some upstart actress [she's giving you the evil eye, Una] or a filthy-tongued harridan [that's you, Parker] or any of the other vile persons aboard this ship, I will personally see to it that he is cut off from the family and never inherits the Yaxley estate.
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[The camera is shaking and jostling about quite a lot. Bertie is up in a tree, clinging to a branch with one hand while trying to video post with the other.]

I say, can someone please give a chap a helping hand here?

[The picture jolts as Bertie yelps and looks at something below him, off camera.]

Nice puss puss puss. Good puss.

((OOC: Feel free to spam and use this as a Bertie Day In The Life In Port, too))


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