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By Jove, there's a great flurry of talk going on. Is there something important happening? If so, this Wooster is willing and able to lend strength, wit, and...thingness to the cause.
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[Bertie's been reading bad pulp fiction. The title on the spine of one of the books near him is "The Haunting of the Queen Mary." Another is "Ghosts of the Titanic."]

What ho, my fellow passengers!

Do you ever think there's something a bit...odd about this ship? Now, I'm a man possessing of a keen and rational mind, but there were times I would swear I was being watched. There's a distinct creeping up my spine as if the ghosts of those who have died on the ship are nearby.

[There's...something wrong with that thought. It takes him a while to place it.]

I say, if someone dies, and becomes a ghost, does their ghost-self die when the Admiral brings them back to life? Just as if I'm inside, I have to pass through my door to go outside, and if I'm outside, I have to pass through my door again to get back in again. And if that's the case, do ghosts have ghosts?
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[Bertie's hair is mussed, his collar undone, his eyes bleary. He speaks a bit more quietly and without as much joie de vivre as usual.]

I do think I was a bit more zozzled than I realized last night. [Four nights ago. Bertie was in a Barge coma and doesn't realize it. He missed the entire mirrorverse.] One of Jeeves' brilliant pick-me-ups would be just the ticket right now. Admiral, old chap, I don't suppose you'd oblige a suffering warden in need?



I say, has anyone seen my left shoe? I must have misplaced it somewhere. Dashed odd thing to lose, though, a left shoe. I've lost ties and hats and cuff links on nights such as last, but never before a shoe.
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Did some eventful event happen this weekend? This ship looks like the streets of Oxford after a particularly lively Boat Race Night.

((OOC: Guess who misplaced his communicator for a while. Also, LJ has been mostly failing utterly to give me notifs for the whole last week, so if I've dropped tags with Bertie here or Narvin, let me know and I'll pick them back up.))


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