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Basic Information:
4th Walling?: Bertie's canon is written in 1st person narration as if Bertie himself is writing them. So go ahead and 4th wall him. He will think that you've read his books and will be very flattered.
Physical: Slapstick violence is fine. But Bertie is a bit of a puppydog/delicate flower whose innocent obliviousness is what makes him Bertie. So threaten to break his spine in 5 places or squash him into jelly all you like (that's just like home for him) but please don't actually do so. As for physical affection, go for it.
Mental: Bertie has absolutely no defenses against mental intrusion or manipulation. Any psychic is free to walk around and enjoy the vast empty spaces with crazy ideas flitting here and there that is Bertie's mind.
Content Warnings: None. He is a pretty fluffy character.
Personal Restrictions: Nothing for me as a player, but Bertie, like I said, is a delicate flower and I'd like to keep him out of heavy or grimdark plots.
Additional:(if applicable)

Character Information:
Description: 6'2'' with dark blond hair and very wide very blue eyes. Lanky and well-dressed. Outdoors, Bertie will always wear a hat of some sort.
Medical History: Bertie is a healthy young man with no physical ailments.
Abilities: Bertie has few abilities save the ability to stumble into trouble. And he has many vices but they're of a relatively harmless sort. He likes to sleep in until noon. He likes to drink whiskey and soda at any time of the day or night. He likes clothes and the newest fashions. He likes cars.
Game Info: NEW!


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